Alexandra Oakes

Alexandra is an Intuitive medium, teacher and author offering over twenty years experience, delivering enlightenment with compassion. She is extremely passionate about her work and operates out of the highest level of integrity. As a qualified and experienced counsellor, her delivery is both sensitive and empathic. She is a naturally gifted psychic always working from the heart, connecting with the spirit world and angelic realms to deliver evidence and messages of love and upliftment. Alexandra strongly believes that her job as a medium is not only to connect with a client’s loved ones but to help empower others to connect to their authenticity and reach their full potential within this life time. Today she demonstrates her gift by conducting personal readings all over the world, offering private sittings for those in the U.K and demonstrations of mediumship together with teaching spiritual development.



The beginning of my spiritual journey was finding answers to my own questions, it was a journey that lead me into the lives of many people as a medium, a counsellor, a healer and a teacher. My pathway has led me to explore eastern philosophy and techniques, whilst merging these with western spiritualism it has taught me deeper levels of attunement. I strongly believe that I have been lead to this path to be a voice for spirit, a signpost to help others understand their journey whilst delivering messages of enlightenment.”


In 2011 Alexandra channelled and published her first book ‘The Creational Force 2012’ as seen in ‘Spirit and Destiny’ magazine and ‘Chat its Fate’. ‘The Answers that Lie Within’ was later published in 2016 together with ‘The Answers that Lie Within’ oracle deck channelled and personally illustrated by Alexandra.





Alexandra with Deepak Chopra


“In all adversities there is always in its depth, a treasure of spiritual blessings secretly hidden.”

Swami Chinmayananda


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