“Alexandra is an absolutely amazing reader. She is truly gifted. I like the fact that she gets straight to the point. She will tell you immediately what she sees. I have had several readings with her and she has never been wrong. She comes across as very level headed and wise as well as kind and a considerate human being. Alexandra is one of the all time best readers out there. I have consulted her over work, love and other concerns. She is a guiding light. Thank you, Alexandra.”

EY – United Arab Emirates

“I had a reading with Alexandra and would like to say what a wonderful reader she is. The connection and the reading was so natural and seamless. She is a warm and compassionate reader. Alexandra brought forward a lot of information from spirit world that was on the ball and helped with working through complex situations current and future. I really look forward to talking with Alexandra again. Thanks again for a very helpful and insightful reading.”

MB – Australia

“My reading with Alexandra was just so wonderful. She not only picked up on so much without me offering too much initial information, she also could describe personality types. She is a credit to Psychics Connect. Thank you so much for your reading and kindness, Alexandra.”

MK – England

“I had a wonderful reading from Alexandra. She gave me the most wonderful guidance and clarity. Through her pure connection I received messages that were very close to my heart. I felt up lifted and blessed. I can’t thank her enough, she truly is so very gifted.”

YV – Canada

“I absolutely adore Alexandra’s reading. She gives great insight and a wonderful overall view of the bigger picture.”

VT – Australia

“I had a reading with the delightful Alexandra this week. I would just like to compliment her on her accuracy, style and ability. She’s a true asset .....she‘s spot on. Kind regards”

JW – Canada

“Amazing reading! Alexandra gave me information that really reassured me and gave me firm evidence that my family, in spirit, are around me. Alexandra gave me insight into my future career path which six months down the line was so correct.”

TC – England

“I have had many readings over the years when I lived in London after my partner passed away in 2006 at the age of 35 years. Alexandra’s reading was so accurate. I did not give any information that would influence the reading. My partner, Lee, my Grandad and my Nanny all came through to say “Hello.” My family and spirit all gave me constructive advice which was so apt to my current life. Alexandra is truly gifted. She is compassionate and has a beautiful aura around her. I have never felt so uplifted after a reading. Thank you so much Alexandra. I will never forget you.”

SC – New Zealand

“Alexandra is a very nice, understanding soft spoken and very sympathetic person. She made me feel uplifted. I feel happier after I spoke to her. She has contacted someone that passed away, my sister–in–law. I am happy that I have spoken to my sister–in–law thru her. She gave me the answers about my future career. She understood me. She’s very calming. Alexandra is a very gentle person. May God bless her always.”

VF – Singapore

“I thought Alexandra was very good during the reading. She was spot on with a lot of things about me and also with my mum who also had a reading. She seemed to pick up on the main worry that I had that no one knows about, which I found amazing. She has definitely helped me a lot and I would recommend her to anyone. She is amazing!”

LF – California

“Amazing reading, giving information that really reassured me and gave me firm evidence my family in spirit are around me. Alexandra gave me insight into my future career path which six months down the line was so correct.”

TM – United Kingdom

“My reading with Alex this evening was the most precise and accurate of many, many that I have had from readers. Absolutely spot on in all aspects of the area that I asked her to focus on. It was very refreshing to speak to Alex, she gave me many validations that she couldn’t have possibly guessed. I had confidence in her reading because I knew that I had definitely not spoken to her in the past and she couldn’t possibly be repeating something from an earlier conversation. Alex is exceptionally insightful, I recommend her most highly and will definitely call her again. Thank you Alex.”

PH – Wales

“Alexandra, I just wanted to say thank you for my reading today. Having never had a reading before, I didn’t really know what to expect but felt a strong pull to come to you for my reading. The spirit connections threw me to start with –but were so amazing! It’s hard to put into words how I feel after my reading, but it is very, very positive (if a bit emotional!). Thank you for being so kind and gentle as well. I will definitely be in touch the next time I feel the need for a reading.”

AK – Peterborough, United Kingdom

“What a lovely lady. A very enlightening and positive read. Many thanks Alex.”

MN – Cambridge, United Kingdom

“What a lovely first experience of mediumship. I can’t put into words what I want to say or feel but Thank you Alexandra.”

CO – London, United Kingdom

“I found my reading with Alexandra very true and comforting. She is a warm and welcoming lady and I would highly recommend her.”

FN – Norwich, United Kingdom




“Just like a leaf which is still as long as no wind blows. If a wind comes up to the leaf flutters. The ‘fluttering’ is due to the wind – the ‘fluttering’ is due to those sense impressions; the mind follows them. If it doesn’t follow them it doesn’t ‘flutter’. If we know fully the true nature of sense impressions we will be unmoved.”

Ajahn Chah


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